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Energy Partnership

Utilising Green Diplomacy to Thrive Key Political Processes on Energy

The greater political recognition of energy’s important role has gone hand-in-hand with increased activity and energy initiatives in Africa. To ensure effective policies and action, clear coordination and alignment are needed. On the basis of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES), the AEEP facilitates the strategic dialogue between both continents to help improve coherence and traction. Further, as part of the Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs (Alliance Processes), the AEEP supports its dedicated taskforce on energy, the Africa-Europe High-Level Platform for Sustainable Energy Investments (SEI Platform).

Twice a year the AEEP’s Steering Group meets to discuss the most recent developments on energy in Africa and Europe, to coordinate work and to identify projects and issues of common interest. The AEEP Secretariat supports this work through its role as an internal think-tank on important issues and initiatives. Additionally, the AEEP seconds experts to the Department of Infrastructure and Energy at the African Union Commission to increase their capacities and strengthen their mandate.

The AEEP is supported by its Steering Group: