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Energy Partnership

Generating Know-How and Exchange

The field of energy is changing rapidly, as technologies change, opportunities present themselves, and as learning and expertise are acquired. Ensuring the latest and most applicable insights can be used in policy-making is the aim of the AEEP’s work around knowledge facilitation.

By bringing together experts, stakeholders and policy makers from Africa and Europe, the AEEP is able to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, the acquisition of insights and their translation into suitable decisions, policies and frameworks on energy.

The AEEP’s work on knowledge facilitation takes on different forms and formats, including studies, webinars, workshops, or handbooks. Work focusses on the AEEP’s four priority topics of the AEEP, whilst additional, emerging topics are also addressed as they become important for African-European cooperation on energy.

The AEEP is supported by its Steering Group: