Energy Partnership

AEEP: Partnering for an African energy transition

The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) was launched by African and European Heads of State in 2007 at the AU-EU Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. A central partnership of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, the AEEP is the key political platform through which both continents work together on energy. The overall aim of the AEEP is to facilitate the achievement of universal access to affordable, sustainable and modern energy services in Africa, including in rural areas, as a necessity and as a pre-requisite to generating inclusive development and jobs.

  • “Africa is the European Union’s natural partner and neighbour. Together we can build a more prosperous, more peaceful and more sustainable future for all.”

    Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission
  • “Europe is one of our most important and oldest partners and we highly value the partnership we have had, in particular in energy.”

    H.E. Dr. Amani Abou-Zeid, AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy
  • “As we know, access to electricity in African countries is very low. The AEEP can be a tool to liaise between African countries and the EU on this challenge, and Egypt can be a bridge for that.”

    Dr. Mohamed Moussa Omran, First Undersecretary for Research Planning & Authorities’ Follow-up, Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Energy
  • “One of the most important tasks of this Partnership is to promote energy access and to coordinate the different initiatives working on this challenge.”

    Cheikh Bedda, Director of Infrastructure and Energy, African Union Commission
  • “Peace and security have to be reached through the creation of conditions, implying also the access to energy. In this sense having the opportunity to work with the AEEP is part of a larger strategy of pursuing peace and security in Africa.”

    H.E. Ambassador Sergio Mercuri, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • “There is a rich synergy in the joint pursuance of energy sustainability for Africa and Europe and the AEEP is the perfect vehicle with which to do so.”

    Johan van den Berg, Head of the AEEP Secretariat



    Report: Enhanced Co-Operation Can Achieve SDG7 in Africa

    A new report finds that greater coordination can make SDG7 a reality in Africa by 2030. The European Financial Flows on SDG7 to Africa report, commissioned by the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), explores and contextualises the required funding and shows that the amounts needed, while substantial, can be leveraged. Merely avoiding the economic losses from electricity outages in Africa would free up the funds required to provide access to sustainable energy services to all of Africa´s citizens.


    Publication cover photo

    European Financial Flows on SDG7 to Africa – 2021 Report

    The Africa-EU Energy Partnership’s European Financial Flows on SDG7 to Africa report quantifies global commitments made towards the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7 in Africa for the period 2014-2019. Estimating annual investment needs and assessing the present funding gap, the report shows clearly the progress made to date and highlights the quality of financing mobilised to support the SDGs and Agenda 2063, while also detailing the equitability of European financial flows through targeted support for poorer countries.

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    Africa and Europe – A Powerful Partnership for a Green Energy Future

    Africa and Europe are close neighbours and strategic partners who formed a strong partnership over twenty years ago. They were quick in recognising the vital role of energy. Together, Africa and Europe put energy development cooperation on the map. Thanks to their Joint Africa-EU Strategy, the continents created the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), a political platform fully dedicated to energy cooperation. Energy rose to the top of the political agenda, culminating in energy’s prominent place in both the global Agenda 2030 and Africa’s Agenda 2063. Both visions see energy at the heart of sustainable development as captured in Sustainable Development Goal 7.

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