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AEEP Energy Talks: Island Power: Charting Renewable Pathways for African Island States

Integrated Dialogue

The Africa-EU Energy Partnership’s (AEEP) 13th Energy Talks on 28 February 2024, (11:00 -13:00 CET,13:00-15:00 EAT) will explore the theme “Island Power: Charting Renewable Pathways for African Island States”. The webinar will focus on the unique energy challenges confronting African Island States (AIS) including Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles, and others. These states grapple with the dilemma of being disconnected from the continental energy grid, which means a heavy reliance on costly fossil fuel imports. Renewable resources, such as solar, wind, bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, and tidal and wave energy, offer a reliable alternative for African Island States.

The African Union Commission (AUC) is actively addressing the urgent need for sustainable energy in AIS through a program on Renewable Energy in African Island States. This initiative aims to formulate strategies and action plans to facilitate the mobilisation of sustainable energy infrastructure in these island states.

The AEEP Energy Talks will explore the current energy landscape of AIS, the challenges they face, and the transformative potential of renewable energy. Furthermore, we will examine the role of Africa-Europe collaboration for innovative financing solutions and hear experiences from European island states on navigating sustainable energy transformations. The 13th AEEP Energy Talks will provide insights into the path towards a greener, more sustainable energy future for African Island States in close collaboration with Europe.

The AEEP Energy Talks will feature opening remarks by Dr Kamugisha Kazaura, Director Infrastructure & Energy, African Union Commission, Mr Arnaud Demoor, Deputy Head of Unit for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy, DG INTPA, and Mr. Said Mohamed Nassur, Deputy Secretary General at the Ministry of Energy, Comoros.

Speakers include:

Mr. Peter N. Kinuthia – Senior Energy Advisor at African Union Commission
Ms. Rebecca M Bisangwa – Associate Professional Technology & Infrastructure, IRENA
Mr. Jan Cornillie – Project Director of Clean energy for EU islands secretariat
Mr. Thanos Zarogiannis – Advisor, Deputy Minister of Environment & Energy, Greece

The event will be in English and will be moderated by AEEP Head of Secretariat, Johan van den Berg.

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