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Energy Partnership

AEEP Energy Talks Spotlight: Utilising Renewable Hydrogen for Decarbonising Value Chains and Promoting Development in Africa and the EU

Showcasing Joint Action

The 10th edition of the AEEP Energy Talks, on 3 May 2023, organised by the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), focused on the utilisation of renewable hydrogen for decarbonising value chains and promoting development in Africa and the EU. The event explored the potential of renewable hydrogen in transforming the energy sector, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges associated with its production and distribution.

Renewable hydrogen, as a clean energy source, holds great promise for achieving decarbonisation in the energy sector. Africa and the EU can leverage renewable hydrogen to work towards their net-zero emissions targets whilst fostering economic growth. The webinar showcased initiatives that encourage collaboration on clean hydrogen production in Africa.

Both Africa and Europe recognise the significance of renewable hydrogen in meeting climate objectives and fostering global partnerships. The expert panellists at the AEEP Energy Talks, representing various sectors, discussed strategies for scaling up renewable hydrogen production, establishing regulatory frameworks, and exploring the role of hydrogen in driving sustainable economic growth.

The speakers emphasised the importance of considering social acceptance, local engagement, and adherence to social and environmental standards in all renewable hydrogen projects. They underscored the need for collaboration, innovation, and policy frameworks to fully unlock the benefits of renewable hydrogen in decarbonising value chains and driving development in Africa and the EU.

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