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Energy Partnership

AEEP Forum 2023 Spotlight: Building Bridges for Green Growth

Evidence and Knowledge Integrated Dialogue

Bonn, Germany – 23 October 2023 – The AEEP Forum 2023, was held on 4 September 2023 during the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi. It emphasised the collaboration between Africa and the EU for climate-friendly energy systems and achieving SDG7 in Africa. Discussions focused on the vital role of renewable energy in promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Key areas included adaptable energy systems, public-private collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and ensuring green energy accessibility.The Africa-EU Green Energy Initiative (AEGEI), African Single Electricity Market (AfSEM) and the Continental Power System Masterplan (CPM) were mentioned as vehicles for bringing energy access to millions of Africans and reinforcing the collaborative partnership between Africa and Europe. The discussion underscored the significance of energy as a transformative service for everyone, emphasising innovative sustainable energy investment, decentralisation, and addressing regional differences.The AEEP Forum 2023 showcased the strong dedication between Africa and Europe to foster collaboration and innovation in the energy sector, aiming to create pathways for green growth and climate-compatible energy access.

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