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Energy Partnership

AEEP Energy Talks Spotlight: From ACS to COP28:  Unlocking Opportunities for a Synergetic Africa-EU Climate and Energy Future

Capacitating Joint Action Integrated Dialogue

The Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, in September 2023, set the stage for discussions at COP28 in the UAE. The 12th AEEP Energy Talks on 8 November highlighted the road from ACS to COP28. The webinar underlined the challenges in private financing, the role of green hydrogen, and the importance of trust-building between Africa and Europe. Key conclusions stressed the urgent need for sustainable solutions in clean cooking and reliable electricity in Africa. Trust-building relies on tangible actions, proven progress, and the effectivity of EU initiatives in Africa. Africa’s potential as a key player in renewable energy, particularly green hydrogen, was emphasised, with recommendations to incentivise and reward investments. Lastly, speakers urged Africa to maintain high ambitions as a driving force for progress leading up to COP28.

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