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AEEP Energy Talks Spotlight: Empowered Actors of Change – A Successful African-European Energy Transition Depends on Women

Thriving Political Dialogue

A new AEEP Energy Talks Spotlight highlights the importance of including women in the energy transition in Africa.

The energy sectors in Africa and Europe are experiencing a radical transition, moving from conventional energy sources to renewables and aiming to achieve access to energy for all by 2030. This change shall be designed as inclusive as possible to leave no one behind. It is a change that does not only allow to create a lot of opportunities to empower women, but whose success largely depends on women as drivers of this change.

Promoting women enterprises in the renewable energy sector will be key to reaching remote areas and advancing electrification. Integrating women into the energy value chain can unlock benefits of long-term sustainability in the sector and contribute to overall economic growth. Supporting women as energy entrepreneurs, producers and consumers, however, calls for more dedicated finance as well as conducive, women-responsive education and workplace policies.

This Spotlight looks at the various vital roles women play in the energy transition, as captured during the AEEP Energy Talks in April 2021. It describes the gaps that need closing but also celebrates successful initiatives and derives lessons learnt to promote women as “Empowered Actors of Change”. Download and read the whole AEEP Energy Talks Spotlight here.

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