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Energy Partnership

Modernising the African Energy Information System (AEIS): AEEP Supports Second Round of Workshops for African Energy Experts

Knowledge Facilitation

Africa’s development of the energy sector has created an increasing demand for up-to-date data that remains relevant as nations develop their individual energy policy. To that effect, the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) are supporting the African Energy Commission (AFREC) to improve the African Energy Information System and Database (AEIS) , which tracks and monitors national and regional energy data. 

The training programme, split into two workshops, aims to equip a pool of trainers with tools for analysing, monitoring and managing energy data. The objective is to increase AFREC’s capacity and to simultaneously improve the quality of the data gathered at national and regional levels. This data, in turn, serves as the foundation for energy planning and will be used to guide future investments in the energy sector.  

Beginners training explores the basis of energy data

The first 5-day workshop started on 29 November in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire. Duncan Millard, International Energy and Statistics Trainer and Advisor, Head of Energy Data Centre, and Nicholas Brizard, Senior Energy Economist, will guide the participants through the programme.  

Participants will dive into both theory and practice as they explore the basis of energy data – why it’s needed, national and international level use of data, and how data can assess current challenges on the African energy stage. Participants will also be able to put into practice what they have learned previously through exercises and interactive materials focused on systems and engagement. 

Finally, participants will learn to create training events themselves, as well as ensuring data quality and reliability. This part of the training is particularly important as the trainees will go on to become statistical Focal Points and share their knowledge with colleagues nationally.  

Advanced training picks up from 2019 session

The second workshop aims to expand and develop on the skills that were taught in the Training for Trainers session held in December 2019 at Cairo, Egypt. The training will take place between 6 and 10 December in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Mr Millard will be joined by Roeland Mertens, former Senior Energy Statistician at Eurostat. 

The workshop will recap the previous training session, and is thereafter sectioned into thematical blocks where participants will engage in theoretical discussions, as well as practical exercises and presentations. Topics include communication and impact for statistics, expanding on national data, becoming effective trainers, and developing national data by validating data. 

The AEEP is supported by its Steering Group: