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COP27 Offers a Unique Opportunity to Converge Global Climate and Energy Agendas

Thriving Political Dialogue

The 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) taking place in Egypt, in November 2022, is creating a unique opportunity to build climate-energy bridges between the Global North and the Global South. In the aftermath of the global pandemic, and considering the consequences of the Russian gas crisis on the international energy sector, COP27 offers a welcome possibility to re-align African and European climate and energy agendas.

These are the core arguments in an opinion piece for EURACTIV by Johan van den Berg, Head of the Africa – EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) Secretariat, , The war in Ukraine has compromised energy security in the EU and led to the REPowerEU Plan, which aims to accelerate the European energy transition. On the African side, the war has raised questions about the continent’s gas market, whether it can be used to fill the gap in Europe’s unmet demand, or if it can be used as a temporary transitional fuel for Africa. With the upcoming African COP, emerging initiatives such as green ammonia and green hydrogen are gaining traction as solutions with great potential. The focus, however, should reside with the potential renewable energy holds in Africa, writes van den Berg.

In the lead-up to the COP, the Africa – EU Energy Partnership will host the AEEP Forum 2022 on 7 September 2022 on “Advancing the Green Gateway Between Africa and Europe – Seizing COP27 for energy access and climate stability”. The forum offers a platform to convene important stakeholders from the energy and climate sectors and foster global dialogue about the future.   

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