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Energy Partnership

Green Hydrogen: New AEEP Publications Highlight Transcontinental Opportunities

Knowledge Facilitation Thriving Political Dialogue

With two new publications, the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) investigates the potential role for green hydrogen in the African and European energy transition. A research paper, prepared by the Florence School of Regulation, looks into the technical and political potential for scaling up green hydrogen, while an AEEP Policy Brief explores the unique opportunity for both continents to tie green hydrogen deployment to sustainability frameworks.

Offering options to store and generate energy sustainably, green hydrogen could become a significant energy vector in achieving full decarbonisation. It shows potential to assist with the post Covid-19 economic recovery in Africa in the short term and could become a promising export commodity for the continent.

The policy brief discusses how a bicontinental green hydrogen agenda, anchored in sustainable priority frameworks like Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030, could help to yield the biggest socio-economic benefits. Noting that African and European deployment paths are likely to commence distinctly, the brief identifies ideal moments for them to join over time and suggests a green hydrogen convergence roadmap. For more green hydrogen insights, download the brief and paper.

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