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Energy Partnership

Paving the Way for New Energy Regulation: Virtual Trainings for African Utility and Energy Sector Professionals Continue

Knowledge Facilitation

The second virtual training on energy regulation provided by Power Futures Lab (PFL) and supported by the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) will kick off on 22 November.

The course Managing Power Sector Reform And Regulation in Africa aims to enable delegates to contribute to the reform of the power sector and deliver sustainable, affordable services to everyone, while accelerating economic growth. In addition, the course will inform participants on how to focus on Africa’s needs while learning international best practice in managing reform and the new regulatory environment.

The course , which will conclude in early December, is organized in partnership with the African Forum of Utility Regulators ,the Regional Electricity Regulators Association and Florence School of Regulation.

The AEEP is supporting PFL, a leading centre of excellence at the University of Cape Town, to deliver altogether three virtual trainings on energy regulation. The course cycle was opened in August 2021 with the Financial Modelling for Utility Tariff Setting training. The third virtual course will focus on Finance, Contracts and Risk Mitigation for Private Power Investments.

Targeting African utility and energy sector professionals, the trainings aim to enhance the specialised skills required to design efficient regulatory regimes for modern energy services. Additionally, by strengthening capacity in energy regulation, the courses are designed to contribute to the development of a wider African School of Regulation.

The AEEP is supported by its Steering Group: