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Energy Partnership

AEEP Spotlight: Ensuring Africa´s Rich, Critical Minerals Endowment Crucial to Global Energy Transition is Leveraged to Promote SDG7 on the Continent


Bonn, Germany – 25 November 2022 – During COP27 the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) hosted an event together with the International Energy Agency (IEA) at the Africa Pavilion on the topic “Ensuring Africa´s Rich, critical minerals endowment crucial to global energy transition is leveraged to promote SDG7 on the continent”.

The event on 15 November highlighted Africa’s rich endowment in minerals critical to the global energy transition. Panellists explored the role partnerships play in furthering the transition, and the benefits of working together towards a mineral-based energy transition. Speakers also addressed the need to develop and strengthen African economies, secure funding in uncertain markets, address weak regulation on the continent, secure the flow of revenues to local communities via good taxation systems, and the need to address corruption.

Key findings from the event are summarised in the AEEP Spotlight.

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