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AEEP Energy Talks – Financing Energy Efficiency in Buildings for a Green Recovery in Africa: Health, Jobs and Climate

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On December 1, 2020 (14.00-16.00 CET), the new webinar series “AEEP Energy Talks” continues and this time convenes African and European experts on energy efficiency in buildings.  

By 2060 the global building floor area is expected to double. African cities are experiencing rapid growth, driven by increasing urbanization, a rising middle class and a young and growing population. Already now, buildings in Africa account for over 60% of final energy use and most new buildings are energy hungry. They are also responsible for 32% of energy-related CO2 emissions in Africa, without counting emissions resulting from manufacturing building materials such as steel, cement and glass. Energy needs for space cooling are predicted to triple by 2050 globally, putting a strain on energy systems. The solution is “cool buildings” that provide comfortable living and working conditions without putting a strain on energy systems and government budgets.  

For a sustainable, economic recovery after COVID-19, green buildings are essential. The building sector can rapidly create jobs and stimulate local economic activity. Moreover, it holds potential for a double win: providing a powerful tool to stimulate the economy, while moving the whole sector to a new and greener state.

During the AEEP Energy Talks, experts from the health, buildings and financing sectors will explore jointly how energy efficiency can provide solutions for health, jobs and the climate. Optimising the energy management of hospitals and health facilities can improve working conditions for staff working under pressure, and free up budget to save lives. We will discuss with experts from government, development banks and the private sector how financing can be mobilized to make buildings more efficient and comfortable to pave the way for an economic recovery. 

This AEEP webinar is co-organized with the Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB).The webinar will take place in English and French with simultaneous translation available.

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