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Showcasing Joint Action
The second annual report on ‘European financial flows on SDG7 to Africa’, commissioned by the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), shows that there is a realistic pathway towards closing the investment gap on SDG7, provided several conditions are met by key stakeholders. Under the current trajectory and growth rate of investments, SDG7 will be achieved by 2034.

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Showcasing Joint Action Thriving Political Dialogue
On 21 February, 16:30-18:30 (CET), the AEEP Secretariat will host a networking event to launch the second annual report on ‘European Financial Flows on SDG7 to Africa’. The event takes place during the Spanish International Renewable Energy Conference (SPIREC) on 21-23 February in Madrid, Spain and it constitutes one of the biggest industrial gatherings for renewable energy in the world.

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Thriving Political Dialogue
Preceding its 13th Assembly, IRENA hosted a meeting which underlined the planning process to establish an African Continental Power Systems Master Plan (CMP). The meeting was attended by heads of state, ministers, energy decision-makers, multilateral organisations, global stakeholders, and private sector actors. The session concluded that the CMP will lower the cost of energy, create a large energy market, and promote the sharing of energy resources.

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